3 tips on how to survive financially this Valentine's Day.

I love, love. Who doesn't? Love for your significant other, love for your children or in my case love for your 14 year old mini-foxie who only reciprocates love when there's food on the table. Dogs! The feeling of love provides for security, comfort and joy at its purest and most wholesome.

Money is pretty cool too; it gives backing to the emotional security, comfort and joy of love. Plus you get to buy some pretty shiny things with money.

I sat Daniel down and asked him for his Valentine's Day tips and after working through his initial tips that were inappropriate to repeat, I got some serious tips to make it through this Valentine's Day:

  1. An object is easily forgotten, an experience lasts forever! A surprise picnic on the Strand, a day on Maggie Is, Townsville has some amazing outdoor venues to woo your loved one without feeling like taking out a second mortgage to do so.
  2. Find something you enjoy doing together and start a new Valentine's Day tradition. Ours is very simple, a bucket of KFC and a movie (now more like Mad Men on Netflix). It's cheap, cheerful and while not overly creative it's our tradition and we love it!
  3. Listen to what is said throughout the year and do that - ok this is my tip and not Daniel's (could you imagine him saying 'listen', ha!). Listen to what is said during the year and buy/create that to show your love on Valentine's Day. I scored a new plant for the garden last year because Daniel remembered me talking about one. He's a good man.

This Valentine's Day don't be fooled into thinking that the bigger the spend on your loved one the happier they'll be and the more you'll impress cupid because I think cupid is more thrifty than that. If Cupid's attire is anything to go by you'll find he (or she) is quite the penny pincher indeed.

Happy Valentine's Day!