Definitely Trash or Treasure?

Happy New Financial Year!! If you’re like most people 1 July has passed by without too much trouble or excitement. It’s likely that your number one priority is now getting your hands on a little extra money after completing your tax return.

For me, 1 July is my sisters birthday! Happy Birthday Fi! We indulged in a little Cassata, a Sicilian cake made by our mum and I enjoyed every bite. If you’d like the recipe, I’ll try to find an unadulterated version – ha!

Something Fi is rather good at is finding a way to turn her unwanted bits and pieces into glorious cash – and I’m not implying regifting either, although that’s something you could do…

Here's how to make a little extra cash without even leaving your home.

1. Step one is being prepared to let go of the unused items in your garage, buried deep within your cupboards or under the bed. Then dedicate some time to sort your bits and pieces into three groups:

o   Definitely trash;

o   Definitely treasure; and

o   Definitely time to sell.

It’s probably a good idea to review the trash, treasure and sell groups about 24 hours later, because I tend to find that after the initial emotional moment with a long-lost ‘thing’, I wake up to its true worth and stick it with a price tag!

2. Step two is working out whether you prefer to sell your items in person, like a garage sale or swap meet or if it is online and social media where your selling skills shine. Then book it! Pick a day for the garage sale or to list your items online and get excited to put a few more dollars in your pocket.

Just a note or two with online selling, be specific and detailed with your post and provide clear photos. This makes it easier for the prospective purchaser to decide whether they will spend their money with you. Also, be wary of scammers. If someone wants you to send the item before payment or asks to deal with you outside of the online facility (this happened to me), then there’s every likelihood that they are trying to avoid payment. Not cool.

If after a while an item doesn’t sell then consider making a donation to your local charity. It’ll leave you feeling good plus it's a sure fire way to part with your stuff! You could be thrifty like our brother, who left an item for sale on eBay for so long that he completely forgot about it. He was reminded only recently when a sell-notification was emailed through, a whole eight months later Ha!

3. Step three is being sensible with the money you’ve made. Let me list some un-sexy ideas for your new-found money that Dan and I approve:

o   Pay off a credit card

o   Start a savings plan or

o   Invest in yourself through education

Whatever your selling style I’m sure if you give it a go, you’ll be able to turn some of your trash into an extra dollar or two. Otherwise I’ll put you in contact with my Bro or Sis and they’ll sort something out for you 😉