Time to let those wings soar

There comes a time when your precious ones must leave the nest (if you haven't already pushed them out!) to make a home for themselves, well for us the time to fly the nest is now.

Louise & Daniel in front of new office

Dan and I started Indigo Financial Services back in 2011 from the front room and kitchen in our old house; (Guess who drew the Kitchen straw???). We would pack up our files, jump in our car and see our wonderful clients at their home, office or coffee shop, our treat of course.

A little over a year later we outgrew the home office, took off our PJ's and rented some space in Townsville's AMP Building. We still kept the mobile side of the business where necessary and shifted into the next professional phase of Indigo. We had an office!

The AMP Building made a great base for us to grow Indigo Financial Services but after six years in that building, it's time for us to take the next big step in our journey.

Hip hip hooray! We have purchased, after careful consideration and number crunching, (you know the spreadsheet nerds that we are) a unit, office, studio (the name is a work in progress) at 147 Boundary Street. She's a little rusty… ok, very rusty… but with some tender loving care she will be a beauty! Demolition work has started, electricity connected (not looking forward to those bills); the inevitable arguments have started with Telstra and hopefully (well fingers crossed); by Easter we'll be in our new home.

Dan and I each have our own office, great meeting rooms to meet with our wonderful clients and a welcoming reception area in which you'll be greeted by Chris (soon to be full time by the way!). Yippee! We are looking forward to the prosperity that a new year brings, bring on 2018!

So what can you do to help? Well. We'd love for you to share this information with your very dear family and friends. Tell them how we've helped you and what you like the most about us. Dan and I want to continue to deliver on what we promise to you, always be available for you and to provide you with that financial peace of mind that you deserve… just from our new home!

We are super excited to share the good news about our new office in Townsville! Like squirrels we've been saving up for a new home for Indigo Financial Services. We can't wait to show you the finished product!