Where does your travel day-dream take you today? And how to get there sooner!

Holidays and pockets go hand in hand…unless you’re in Paris then it’s someone else’s hand!! Curse those pick pockets!! We joined a young person’s tour recently (how old are we??) where they played a game of pick pockets and it was amusing to watch the slide of hand to retrieve the golden prize.

But in all seriousness of this financial planning blog, whether your dream holiday consists of sightseeing in New York, sampling wine and cheese in Southern France, sipping cocktails on the beach in Bali or driving the dramatic coastline of Western Australia it’s all about a smart save and an even smarter spend.

Today’s pocket tip: How to get that holiday to remember!

  • Budgets are the pitts really, but necessary! Before you’ve even decided where you’re going decide how much you can spend. My mum and dad booked a holiday recently only after the travel agent negotiated a better deal for them with the tour company to suit them. Go parents!

  • This leads me to Travel Agents. We use one here in Townsville (she’s great, I can give you her details later…) and we would never book a trip without her. She has people ‘on the ground’ and knows the best places to stay, where to go, which streets to avoid at night (oh yeah) and delivers this right to your budget. Yep that word again. 

  • My third tip is one of my faves, spend on experiences, not stuff. Remember that time you shared a kiss with someone special at the top of the Empire State Building ten years ago? Of course you do. Remember the Empire State Building key ring you bought from the gift shop? Err…nope.

In short, like me, saving your money is only half the game, the boring but essential half, which sets you up nicely for the other half, the fun holiday! Bon voyage.