Everyday people Financial Advisers

Everyday financial advisers

Reader beware, we are Financial Advisers AND everyday people too, Dan and me.

And yes, the two can go hand in hand.

We see everyday people, every day. They are the ones working hard with the best resources available to them. They juggle making money with raising a family, going on holiday, and saving some money. Having it all is definitely not what they've got - and that's perfectly okay.

Dan and I are the same too. We’ve got a typical mortgage, an average car and worry about all the every day people stuff too. I think that’s why our clients love us. We don’t just advise about financial stuff. We live and breathe the same issues too.

Here’s a little more about us.

Us and Our place 

We're married, and with a dog. We have that home loan that we're feverishly repaying and a love of travel.

I describe our home as a lived-in display home. I'm neat (and a freak) while Dan provides the lived-in part. It works for us. After a big clean on the weekend you'll often hear me say to Dan, 'right the house is clean, don’t dirty it, and it's time to move elsewhere'. I like to keep busy. If I’m not tidying the house, it's in the garden you'll find me or back in the kitchen baking up a new mess. Maybe a cake or two. Our mini-foxie, Sarge, who is almost 15 years old is the apple of my eye. A few years ago I was kneeling down gardening and Sarge, who had a spring in his step back then, was with me as the self-proclaimed supervisor. In his mind as top dog it was his right to assert his status and before I knew it, he had jumped onto my shoulders, proud as punch. Cheeky dog! (Little dog syndrome, definitely.)

Dan. He is my husband. And work colleague. Isn't he lucky? Apart from being a patient and kind man, he loves football; you know the one with the extra sticks? Dan made quite the ruck man (impressed I know that?) and in 2012 he was joint best and fairest for his beloved local team the Hermit Park Tigers. A very proud moment for the both of us. Well done Dan. If he's not playing it, it's bound to be on the TV. Honestly, I'm thankful we're in North Queensland where few games are actually aired…love you Dan...

The bank owns a share of our home, and with good habits we're claiming more each day. There's no way I intend to pay interest to the bank for the next 25 years, there's a million of other priorities for that money. Wouldn't you agree? Success is self-defined but we like to keep things straightforward, own your home and that's a wealthy spot to be in. Consider that a rent-free life for the rest of your days. Pretty cool, huh.

The Travel Bug

Travel is fun. Like most people we look forward to booking the next trip. Doesn't have to be fandangle extravagant, but it releases an excitement that we often see in children but as adults we suppress. I say, let it out! WOO HOO I'm on holidays baby!

With travel you forget that the garden needs watering or that after you eat a nice meal there's dishes to be done. Most people even forget about the sports going on back home, but not Dan…Honeymoon 2014, New York City, AFL Grand final and here's a couple of Aussies trying to find a bar to watch the game. Success!!

Budget Budgies

Budgeting sucks. If we were in the field of making money trees, I promise to share and I would like the same deal from you. Ok? We spend 20 mins on our budget yearly, in January, looking back at all the previous year's bills and updating our spending list. I don't like it either but what it does for us is give us freedom to spend. I like guilt-free spending, especially on a dress with pockets. Don't like the word budget though, so maybe let's pronounce it buuge-shay. Fancy!

Food loves and laughs

I love to cook. Don't do it nearly often enough and I've been experimenting with gluten-free cooking too, my simple mind thinks: swap normal flour for GF flour...ha...it doesn't always work, but like a work in progress I'll get there eventually.

The most adventurous food I've tried is snails and they weren't even that bad. Dan behaves like a cat seeing a cucumber when he smells soup. I see nothing wrong with that, but I do love a good cat video.

Music vibes

When I'm home alone I turn the radio up and dance like Beyoncé. Most likely a sick Beyoncé but you get the drift. When our dog is around I get my song on and perform in a cappella. He mostly retreats to his kennel. How much is my doggy in the window…?

Dan sometimes forgets I'm in the car and lets loose with song, and with a subtle nudge I tell him not to quit his day job. His morning alarm has a nice tune so I make up rise and shining songs to inspire him at 6 am to get out of bed. Never works.

Family is all

Family is the most important thing to me in the world. And it is more than just those related to us by blood. Dan often comments about the depth of my happiness when we're with family. Don't get me wrong, having a good whinge sometimes is just as therapeutic as saying I love you.

Beside our bed are four white framed photos, each are of us on honeymoon being excited spectators at an NFL game, draped in an Aussie flag, at a basketball game watching our very own Dante Exum, puck ducking at an ice hockey game and saying goodbye to Derek Jeter in his last baseball series. Why just be a tourist on holiday, we like to do everyday people stuff too.

Financial Planning

We actually love what we do in our financial planning business. It’s just working with every day people to help them make better decisions for themselves. It can be a tough gig sometimes to manage the work/life balance and like any one, there are times we would prefer to be on a deserted island than working, but overall, we wouldn't change a thing.

If you're still reading then I'd love your ' everyday people' story. Tell me about who you are when you're at home? Or give us a call if you have a question about your everyday financial situation.

Note. This post has been lovingly dedicated to our little Sarge who had a great life and is now in an endless field of doggy treats and legs to hump RIP little man xx